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Have you purchased a car, truck, or SUV from Toyota of Slidell or had your vehicle serviced at our dealership? Leave us a customer review! Good or bad, your feedback is important to us and vital to improving our business model.

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At Toyota of Slidell, we would love to hear all about your experience at our dealership. Some important information to include might be which of our staff members was able to assist you and how you felt about your experience working with them. We would also be interested to know if you were buying a vehicle, selling a vehicle, or having your car, truck, or SUV serviced at our service center. How would you compare your recent experience to previous experiences both at Toyota of Slidell or any other auto dealerships you may have visited in the past?

Did You Have A Bad Experience?

If you have had a negative experience at Toyota of Slidell, please let us know. There is no way for our business to improve if we are unaware of an issue with a store policy or employee. If you were dissatisfied in any way with your Toyota of Slidell shopping experience, please contact us to speak to a manager and get a resolution. We value each of our customers more than you would believe and want to do everything we can to help make things right. Let us know how we could better serve your needs and give us a chance to earn your business back!

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At Toyota of Slidell, we are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all of your automotive needs. We have an experienced and knowledgeable sales team that would love to use their expertise to help you find the perfect vehicle for you in our inventory. Start shopping online today, and complete your purchase or contact us to get answers to any of your questions at the dealership. If your vehicle is in need of maintenance or repair, you’ve come to the right place. Toyota of Slidell conveniently houses a full service center at our dealership that can take care of all your vehicle service needs. To learn more about our capabilities or to schedule an appointment don’t hesitate to reach out! Toyota of Slidell can also help you find an affordable payment option for your next vehicle through our in-house finance department. Our credit experts have years of experience assisting prospective vehicle owners find affordable financing and can help you too. Contact us to learn more!

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