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2021 Toyota Corolla Model Review in Slidell, LA

As we start to see more and more 2021 models, the competition to be the most ideal sedan of the year continues. The Corolla is notorious for being reliable, well-priced, and safe. The question is, can the Corolla also overcome its reputation for being traditional and standard? The 2020 Corolla took steps towards this--with a new hybrid model, they burst into the environmentally friendly scene with a practical, friendly option. Still, the Corolla was incredibly affordable, even with its added hybrid aspects. In 2021, Toyota has aimed to make the Corolla even better. We believe they have succeeded.

A Continuation of Hybrid and Hatchback Styles

With the success of its hybrid model last year, Toyota has decided to continue with it. They also combined the idea with their hatchback model from 2020. You can get a standard SE hatchback, a Nightshade hatchback, or an LE Hybrid hatchback. For many, the idea of a hatchback Corolla is sacrilege, but we think it’s a step forward. The added cargo space is never a bad idea. Plus, the hybrid model allows for excellent gas mileage. Even if you’re satisfied with a gas engine, there are plenty of other trims you can choose--the L Sedan, the LE Sedan, and the XLE Sedan are all options.

Fuel Economy

The Corolla is, primarily, a commuter car. As the world gets back into the swing of things, and telecommuting is behind us, you’ll want the best gas mileage to save your money on a weekly basis. The hybrid models receive an astounding 53 MPG on the highway, and even the nonhybrids can net you 40 MPG on the highway. This is impressive for any sedan, especially one that is considered ideal for a budget. Hatchback models receive slightly less efficient gas mileage, as is expected, but not by much. Overall, if you’re seeking a truly affordable model, the Toyota Corolla keeps on giving.


The Corolla is an older model, but it is always keeping up with the times. You can still enjoy plenty of infotainment options. This includes a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. You’ll also find that there are plenty of manual knobs, making adjustment easy while driving. In some models, there’s also the option of wireless charging. The 2020 Toyota Corolla earned excellent safety ratings, so you can expect the 2021 model to follow. With adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and auto emergency braking, the Corolla is safer than it has ever been in the past.


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